My Star World

My Star World 2.12.5

Produce personalized astrology readings


  • Generates very detailed reports
  • Reports seem pretty accurate
  • Provides lots of information about stars and signs
  • Charts are generated extremely quickly


  • The sheer amount of data may scare newcomers

Very good

Do you think that the stars are a reflection of us as people? Reckon that our destiny is already written? If you don't then this program might help to change your mind, and if you do then it should serve to confirm your beliefs.

My Star World generates an incredible amount of personal information in the form of a star chart report, which takes just seconds to process once you've entered a few basic details about the time, date and place you were born.

Through a series of graphs and detailed personal, emotional and spiritual reports the app actually managed to convince me that there may be something in this astrology lark, as most of it seemed pretty accurate on my own report.

Likewise, when I entered the details of other people I know their reports seemed to give a fair reflection of who they are. All the graphs, charts and weird signs may baffle those new to the star-gazing game, but if you have the patience to read the very thorough reports you will learn lots about astrology, and more importantly, yourself.

My Star World is a package that lets you produce your own high-quality astrology reports. Every report you produce is a unique and extraordinary document, a magical gift to be kept forever.

Current reports about understanding are life destiny; personality; soul scope and young life. Forecast report modules include Forecaster; Predictor and Soul Guide.

My Star World


My Star World 2.12.5

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